Thursday, July 1, 2010

*****TaDa I have a Winner !!! *****

Thank you to all of you who followed my Twitter and my Blog. I appreciate your support.

The winner of the free item giveaway is ......Faboulously Fierce, Congratualtions I will send you a direct message in twitter to arrange delivery of your item. She chose a Domino Pendant from My Etsy shop.

To all of you who entered I am offering a consolation prize...if you would like to purchase the item you entered in the giveaway I am offereing you a 50%off discount. To purchase your item select it to purchase but do not check out, and comment that this item is your Twitter giveaway item. I will go in and discount the item before we complete the sale.

There are two of you who picked the same item, Tanya-Little Village Naturals and Bao. You both picked the pink, orange and lime green set of barrettes. It will be first come first served, however, I will let the other one of you pick another set of barrettes from any of my shops if you would like.

If I have confused any of you let me know.

Thank you again for supporting me in trying to get my name out there.