Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Crafting Blues

Well the thumb is getting better quicker than I had expected, so I went into the Memorial Day weekend with a strong desire to Craft until my eyes crossed. Well, that didn't happen...I could not get motivated. I wanted to, but it seemed like too much work. I am really disappointed with myself. I have been on the Craft sites for just under 4 months, I expected that I would go through a lull sometime, but not so soon. I think the time I had with my thumb in the cast was the biggest culprit. I felt like I was on a roll up to that point, and then the brakes had to be put on to heal. I also think that the slow start to my sales hasn't helped. I secretly hoped to be one of those people who "took off" with sales. When that doesn't happen you start to doubt yourself. "Am I doing the right thing", "do people not like my items", "what if nobody wants to buy my items", what if, what if, what if???? I have been reading all the forums I can get my hands on to comment and help get my name out there. I have items on three sites, Etsy, Zibbet and Craft is Art. I have a twitter page and facebook, as well as this blog. It is hard as a newbie to get past the slow hurdles. We are a society of "I want it now" and patience is difficult. You hear of great success stories, but truly copying what someone else did is no guarantee that you will get the same result.

So to all of you newbies who are treading water waiting...welcome to the pool, it's sink or swim. For those of you that are seasoned, successful sellers, your tips are still very useful and I welcome any comments you have.

For me...I refuse to sink! I am gonna set a goal of listing one item a night, twitter daily, blog at least 4 days out of the week and to create one new item each night. I'll keep you posted as to whether I am meeting my goals. Grab your pom poms I need all the support I can get.

Love and peace


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