Friday, April 30, 2010


Well today's entry doesn't really have to do with crafting. We have a new Kitten :) My 14 year old daughter who has optic nerve atrophy has been suffering from depression, mostly due to the struggle with her vision, although it doesn't help to be a teenager in today's world either. She came to her father and I and gave us a whole "presentation" about how people who suffer from depression feel joy from their pets. My husband and I have been against having a pet because my daughters don't like to help with much around the house. After a lengthy discussion we agreed to let her have a kitten. A friend of hers had a recent litter of new kittens that were now ready for homes. And of course, she agreed to take complete care of this cat. We will see how that goes. If the joy on her face last night when the kitten came home is any indication of how much joy she will have with Hokey Pokey (yes, that is his name) then she should be a very happy girl :)

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  1. I whole heartedly agree with your daughter about pets being good for you. My son has a cat that was born to one of our momma cats many years ago. We no longer have the momma, but Cleo turned 14 years old last month! He takes care of her totally and completely! She is his cat! I have dogs (boxers) that are more like children to me than pets. They are so awesome, and have such a sweet nature, and love their people, they always know what we're talking about...we have to spell words they know, or after they have figured out the spelling we spell it backwards, or use another word that means the same thing. I hope she enjoys Hokey Pokey for many years!