Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Quit My Day Job????

I love reading about people who have quit their day job as the result of a thriving online craft venture. Oh my goodness, how is that even possible?? I think it is so amazing that some people are able to reach out to the masses and conquer their craft. Secretly I wish that I could be one of them, honestly, how will I ever get there. As I post blogs, tweet on twitter and browse every forum I can, I sit here with one sale, well it looks like 4 on my Etsy because one person bought 4 items. I was excited beyond belief when I saw that first sale. And now, for two weeks I sit here with nothing. It is so frustrating, I understand why somepeople give up, but, I am pushing along, vowing not to give up. I am also struggling with a broken left thumb...not a good time to be in a cast when you are to trying to make items to post in your shops, and I have another week at least before the cast "might" come off. So I am reaching out to the masses for advice. So many of you are good at giving your feedback and you make it seem so easy...I hope it gets easier than this. So "patience is a vertue"...I am here


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