Thursday, April 22, 2010

Spring Day

Well, it is a beautiful spring day in Maine. The sun is shinning, it is warm, the birds are singing. I am inspired by the sights, sounds and colors around me. But the inspiration stalls from making it to creativity becuase I have a broken thumb. Not a good way to start out when you first go online to sell a product. I cant get any beading done right now, but I have been able to make some new headbands. It is a slow process and a bit frustrating. The thumb will remain in a cast for at least two more weeks, and it was a moment of stupidity that lead to the break (not worth mentioning how, just trust me, it was dumb).

I am also struggling to get views on my sites, but to listen to other crafters they are dealing with the same thing. It is hard when you just start out. Getting yourself noticed in a vast sea of very talented people requires work. Hitting the social networking sites and trying to get people to follow you is also hard. It's like starting in a new school and trying to make new friends. I see I have a follower here, one, thank you so much for being the first and checking me out. But, it brings back all those childhood fears, will they like me?, what if they dont?, how do you keep them around if they do?. So, here I sit, putting myself out there. Of course, each person that checks you out gives you a rush of excitement. And that first sale, man, nothing feels better. As I patienlty wait for number two, I try not to over analyze it too much. If you have any suggestions from your own success I am all ears.

I am working on adding to all my sites, so stop in take a look around and stay awhile. I appreciate any comments or feedback that you would like to give.
Use the site links to stop in - I am shop LemonadeFromMyLemons in all sites.

thanks for reading

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