Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Well the weekend sale was a bust....not one sale on any of the three sites. I had delusions of major success..the door finally opening, the sales flooding in...sigh. So patience..patience is a vurtue.

So because that was no fun to talk about, how about a mention of the kitten. Oh my goodness, he is the sweetest, most loveable little guy. And he doesn't play favorites, he has spent time curled up with each one of us. My daughter is happier than ever when she is getting love from him. My younger daughter who is 8 think she is the world's best kitten sitter when her sister is at lacrosse. My husband is happy there is some "male" blood in the house. And for me, just seeing my girls happy...makes me happy.

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  1. Oh,my...Hokey Pokey is beyond adorable!!! What a puss!