Thursday, May 6, 2010

Physical Therapy (oops goofed on the other one)

I started physical therapy today for my thumb. Man it looks awful. It is still swollen, and still hurts like crazy. And as my crafting supplies sit staring at me at home, I wonder when I will be "fixed" enough to work with all my wonderful supplies again. The only saving grace was I had quite a few items made to be able to post. So I am gonna work my butt off and follow every tip and exercise the the therapist gives me so that I can continue to create for Lemonade From My Lemons. Views are still slow at the sites, and no sale now in almost a month. But, I am optimistic that things will change eventually. I'll feel better when I can create again.

Thanks for reading, I love your comments


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  1. Hi Stephanie,
    Did you ever see the move 'Field of Dreams'? If you build it, they will come :)