Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The thumb is free!!!!

You may have read that I broke my thumb in March. It was a stupid situation where my thumb got bent back too far and it basically caused a piece of the bone to pull away. I was in a cast for 5 weeks and after that was removed I was put in a split. I started physical therapy and it was suggested that maybe keep the thumb "stuck" in that splint was counter productive. So this past weekend I took that darn thing off and just started doing "stuff". Some tasks are more painful than others, like washing dishes (sorry honey, but it looks like it may still be a few weeks). I tried to do some crafts, but I really don't have any strength in my thumb at all. I cant squeeze a bottle of glue, or a tube of toothpaste for that matter, so everything is being done with my right hand. For crafts that require two thumbs such a barrettes, that is just gonna have to wait a while longer. I am desperate to get back in to creation mode. I feel like my shops are suffering because I can't make any new jewelry right now. Hopefully, with a few more therapy sessions that will change quickly. The next thing I need is a big rush of customers to shop and buy... oh, was I just dreaming there...oops. Reality check...I need a sale or two to boost my confidence.

Stop in and take a peak at my shops, you will find direct links in the buttons to the right of these blog notes. Tell me what you think and leave some feedback. And most of all get out and enjoy the spring air, the sights and the sounds, and count each and every one of your blessings.

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